Sunday, 9 December 2007

Domestic bliss.. ensured with the arrival of a new oven. Am I sad? Maybe.. but I don't care.

Just look at how shiny it is! I really don't want to get it dirty - but then it is so lovely to use. The grill was christened with sausages this morning, and the main oven is shown here being christened with cottage pie.

Perhaps I should crochet some new hot pads in honour of it. ;-)

BTW, thanks for all your encouraging comments about my cable frogging madness. It makes me feel a little more sane.


Jules said...

Shiny! We had cottage pie for dinner last night too - what are the odds? :)

Mandella said...

Congratulations! I got a new oven on Monday too. The old one was cremating everything and the door seals were coming off. The new one is lovely, but it pongs of new electrics, even though I keep turning it on to cook fun things. Tonight's experiment was Delia Smith's Austrian Coffee Cake. I just can't get used to recipes taking the right length of time to cook at the correct temperature!