Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas from the seaside!

Here are the ingredients gathered together to make a gorgeous cranberry and chestnut stuffing roll to go with the Christmas dinner tomorrow.

I was amazed to find them all in nearby little Perranporth - even fresh cranberries and fresh chestnuts!

Here's something else we found at Perranporth - a christmas tree with working lights on the rock!

I don't think it'll last long, and goodness knows how they got the lights to work out there, but it looked great when we saw it.

That rock is actually huge; when the tide is on its way out you can climb up to the top. Usually the Perran flag flies on a pole where the tree currently is.

And here's our own little christmas tree, as decorated by my DDs.

Merry Christmas to all!


Jules said...

Merry Christmas to y'all, too!

Love the tree on the rock - I'd have loved to see them putting it up out there. :)

Mandella said...

As I'm too late for a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

I love the Christmas tree.

scarletprincess said...

Happy New Year! Took all of this one to get around to blogging again haha! Hope that you're all fine, much love Fi x