Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year!

2008.. wow, how time flies. It's been very interesting to read other bloggers' aspirations for the new year, so now it's time to make a note of my own.

1) I MUST lose a few inches off my belly by the summertime - I do not want to be revealing tyres of excess flesh on the beach when the weather warms up. Some may be perfectly happy with that - I'm not.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the feast of food and drink that comes with the seasonal celebrations, but I don't need to carry it around with me all year.
I don't care what numbers come up on the weighing scales, as long as my belly looks acceptable to me! Plus I have a wetsuit to squeeze into.
BTW, do you like the 3 wise men I found in our local half-price xmas decoration sale? I couldn't resist them.

2) I WILL try to stay cool, calm, and collected this year. Our lives should be more settled after last year's big move, but we have big plans for extending and changing our bungalow this year.
That will mean an awful lot of mess, inconvenience, and cost, but hopefully it'll be well worth it. We'll see how far we've got by this time next year!
This should also help healthwise - 2007 was not a great year as it included tachycardia and shingles for me.
These new candle holders are encouraging me to be more relaxed in the evening at home. :-)

3) I HOPE to reduce my stash mountain which currently takes up an entire corner of our bedroom (almost to the ceiling) and some wardrobe space too.
I am finding it increasingly frustrating to go through my stash and remember how long ago I bought some of it. I still have specific patterns in mind for a lot of it, but as time goes on my preferences are changing.

Thankfully I still adore the merino yarn which I'm currently using to knit the chocolate orange twister sweater. The sleeve (in pattern version 2) is done, and the body is coming along nicely..

4) Finally I WILL knit or crochet baby items for the 2 new members of our family expected this April - both due to fairly close family members. The spring season will be an exciting time!

Before that I would like to knit DH a felted earflap hat to wear on the beach - he hasn't asked for one but did express an interest in wearing one! Anybody know of any felted earflap hat patterns?

Although maybe I should be knitting him some footwear atm - he managed to break a bone in his left foot whilst jumping his BMX at the local skate park on New Year's Eve. Yes he's a 40yo boy who loves his toys. ;-)

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