Sunday, 20 January 2008

Resisting temptation


Why is it that I have a yarn mountain like this, and yet still find it nearly impossible to resist buying more yarn?

I know it's the same for all knitters, but I just don't understand it.

Twice yesterday I got to the point of adding the current yarn of my desire to the shopping basket. Twice I was overcome with guilt when I remembered the yarn I already have in waiting and the amount of money we need to spend on our extension this year!

The yarn in question is the
SWTC soy silk currently on sale at Get Knitted. I am really intrigued by all the new non-wool yarns (have you seen A-MAIZing and Craft?!) and want to try them all!

Throughout the night I was awake as my eldest DD has had a tummy bug and had to keep getting up, so she spent the night in with me. Whenever I woke up I found myself thinking about which shades I could justify buying as I hadn't got anything similar to go with certain tops... Obsessed.

To make it worse, last night I found the most beautiful pattern that Kim Hargreaves has come up with to date (for me anyway) -
Elizabeth. I always objected to buying the kits although this one seems to be quite reasonably priced - but she's brought it out in a pattern book too! Aaaarrrggghhh, more temptation!!! Why is it not my birthday until August?!

As a diversion I made this necklace last night. I just love the colours and have lots of clothes that it will go well with. :-)


Mandella said...

You were having a bad night. You're only human! Hope the DD is feeling better.

And now I'm off to check up on the Kim Hargreaves latest offerings. You are an enabler.

Michelle said...

Love the necklace! Beading has become my new obsession. As if I need another one with all of the yarn!