Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thank you postie!

Our lovely postie (Arron - he sent us a Christmas card!) managed to squeeze a fab package through our letterbox yesterday.

It was none other than the beautiful brown fleck button yarn (originally from that I purchased in the Lime and Violet Destash sale!

The package also contained a couple of packs of Wonka sweeties - which I munched happily at work today. :-)

I already have 1 skein of this in a similar colourway, gifted to me a while ago by the generous Fiona. Of course I can't actually find it right now to get a pic of the new yarn family, so you'll have to belive me.

Maybe a stash tidy-up is needed - but I do have to get the ironing done first. Sad eh?!

(I really absolutely do not want to do the ironing, but unless I do it every other day it eats up my precious weekend time and that is Not On. So I grit my teeth and get on with it, safe in the knowledge that DH has the daily sandwich-making chore for now.)

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Mandella said...

Nice yarn, what do you have in mind for it?