Saturday, 19 January 2008

Can you have a slow twister?

Oh yes you can. The Twister sweater is progressing very slowly right now.

I've not had much time to knit over the last week or so, apart from doing a single 6-row pattern repeat a few evenings back.

That was not a good evening - just before I put the knitting down I realised that I'd made a big mistake. Can you spot it?

Well there are supposed to be 5 rows inbetween each cable row - but not in this photo!

Having worked a further 5 rows of 138 stitches since the offending mis-placed cable row, there was no other option. Tonight I ripped the front and started it over again... Grrr!

Anyway, I received a weird shape parcel this week. It was something I'd bid for on ebay and then completely forgotten about. (It's been a very intense week at work!)

Look - it's my very own niddy-noddy at last, and with a mound of free fleece too!

I guess I'd better get that drop spindle out sometime soon and actually try some spinning.

Right now is probably a really good time as the weather is awful - high winds and almost constant rain - and it's forecast to carry on for a good few days yet. Bleugh!


Mandella said...

As far as Twister goes (more a waltz at the moment, I think) slow and stead wins every time. At least, that's what I try to tell myself.

The niddy noddy is a lovely piece of craftsmanship. Good luck with the drop spindle. I tried last year a few times and gave up very quickly.

TutleyMutley said...

I bought a niddynoddy from the same place! - doesn't Ted White pack his parcels up well!!
I got a drop spindle from him too, but I'm not doing very well. On the Ravelry trip (jan 12th) SarahW had wonderfully dainty spindles - in comparison. She was quite horrified by the size and weight of the one I'd bought.