Saturday, 5 January 2008

Where's that foot spa?

Ahh, this is what I could do with right now.

Today my DDs and I headed off to wonderful
Truro for a glorious girly shopping day. Poor deluded DH thought we'd be back by lunchtime - but we only got there just before 11am!

We managed a 6-hour trek around
Lush (first port of call as my DDs are both Lush fanatics already!), TK Maxx (girls party clothes and a new coat for me), WH Smith (big stock-up of half-price thick watercolour paper for the girls' art sessions and a 2008 diary for me), BHS (girls' boots and lunch), Marks and Spencer (Per Una jeans for me and more girly clothes bought with DD's birthday vouchers), Woolworths (Led Zep's "Mothership" CD for me and toys bought with vouchers for the girls), and various other local shops.

The haul contained absolutely nothing to do with knitting or crochet though, as we didn't even make it into
Truro Fabrics!


Mandella said...

I love Truro, but we only get there whilst on holiday in Cornwall. For some reason it's a place I always seem to be able to buy clothes. Funny enough, I always seem to end up in Truro Fabrics ....

Are you on Ravelry yet?

scarletprincess said...

Great trip! Whats that your feet are swimming in?