Monday, 7 January 2008

Back to front

Firstly, a couple of answers to questions left in the comments:

Della - Yes I'm on Ravelry but strangely enough have not been bitten by the bug. I've logged in once, and it all just seems like too much duplication of putting images into galleries in Flickr. I guess I should try again and have more of a look around.

Scarlet Princess - Those aren't my feet in the pic - just what I wished for at the time to soothe that achy all-shopped-out feeling!

Now, what was I thinking about? Oh yes..

Most bloggers have been looking back on 2007 as the year drew to an end, and then looking forward to new challenges and projects. I've already done the looking forward bit, but wasn't going to bother dwelling on the past year with it's massive amount of events and changes, both good and bad.

That was before I starting copying the birthdays and anniversaries into my 2008 diary. As I did this annual task, I realised that last year wasn't just about moving my whole family's life from central to south-west England, with it's obvious lows and highs. There had been many achievements along the way that I'd forgotten about.

1) For the first time in my life, I became the owner of a new wetsuit and started bodyboarding

2) I swam in the sea (in my bikini - yes it was cold) for the first time in about 25 years

3) Moving to Cornwall soon made me realise that I love living by the coast - something I'd never bothered about before

4) After attending some local classes I started making (and selling)
beaded jewellery, and was also inspired by a visit to Llama Lland to buy some llama fibre and a spindle (but I've not tried spinning with it yet!)

5) I went to a few cardio cycling classes at my local leisure centre and actually enjoyed working hard at exercising (after the knee pain subsided)

6) Finally I recognised that I detest confrontations, but still had to stand up and say my piece on several occasions. I hated it but I did it - and should have done it at various times in the past

7) Christmas flourished - I actually enjoyed having the decorations up (I usually relish clearing them away), and even bought some beautiful new ones including some small exterior icicle LED lights and a door wreath. Must be the community spirit in our new small village home. :-)


scarletprincess said...

I'm so pleased that moving had such a positive influence on your life though I guess it was hard at first. I still miss you (and the other girls of course)! Also.... very jealous of the views! x

The Crafty Otter said...

I loved reading this post - it gave me a serious case of the warm fuzzies. :) It is wonderful to hear the good stuff, to appreciate the good stuff. Thanks. :)

Oh - I haven't got the Ravelry bug, either, but Ravelry photos work by linking *to* your flickr photos. Which feels like a long way round if you don't use Flickr much, but is probably a case of less duplication for those that already use Flickr a lot... I might have misunderstood your issue, but if not, that might help kick-start you.

Anonymous said...

That did it, you posted my holiday spot! That's enough to give me the warm fuzzies I can tell you. The number of times I've walked along those hills sigh.... I think you had quite a year, here's to 2008.

Mandella said...

I'm so happy you had such a good year. DH and I often talk about moving to Cornwall and Dorset isn't exactly an urban metropolis.