Monday, 28 January 2008

Summer in winter

Yesterday was the most glorious day - clear blue sky, warm sunshine, very still and calm. So we made the most of our wonderful location to nip down to Perranporth beach for an hour. I have to show you some of the fabulous photos DH took:

We're so lucky. We've been living here almost a year now, and it still doesn't seem real on days like that. Sigh. :-)


Woollywarbler said...

Surfers just don't feel the cold do they? Lovely photos

Annette said...

Those are wonderful photos. I'm very envious, stuck in dull old Wolverhampton!

Mandella said...

The light in those photos is fantastic, however, it wasn't so good a little further eastwards for motorcyclists. That low sun is awfully hard on the eyes.

I wish I was in Cornwall.

TutleyMutley said...

mmm, it was a lovely weekend wasn't it? I like the silhouette one, and the surfer.
Where did you move from, Steph?