Sunday, 3 February 2008

Skating round Eden

Wow - what a difference weather-wise to last weekend!

We decided to still make the most of the weekend and went ice-skating at The Eden Project - another first in 25 years for me!

We got free admission thanks to the locals annual passes that we bought on our last visit.

Then it was on to the ice for 40 minutes ice-skating - great fun! It was a first for youngest DD and she loved it.

We followed that with a walk around the biomes and a tasty lunch in the main cafe, then tissue flower-making and a local ice-cream. FInally it was time to jump onto the landtrain and the bendy-bus back to the car to avoid the torrential rain.

We're home - no injuries, well-exercised, and ready for a lovely Sunday dinner. Perfect!


TutleyMutley said...

Thanks for commenting on my cardi! I'm really pleased with it.
YOu know, I STILL haven't been to the Eden Project. I didn't know there was an ice rink there. Last time I went iceskating was in Plymouth and I fell over and banged my head - that was my son's 11th birthday, which is quite a few years ago!

You all look like you had a great time.

Anni said...

Eden is lovely and the iceskating is great fun. Our last locals annual pass ran out just before Christmas. But I'm sure we'll get another one next time they do a special.