Thursday, 28 February 2008

How to fix a bad hair day

I've recently taken to wearing my DDs' hairbands - what a revelation! I prefer to wear my hair down but don't want it hanging over my face making my eyes really sore, so a hairband is the perfect solution.

I do have one hairband that I knitted but it's rather wide - I'm finding that thin ones work best for me. The thin plastic ones with "teeth" stay put and hold my hair in place great, but I end up with grooves behind my ears (I do have a large head!) and a headache by the end of the day.

Hence the need for some more handmade hairbands. I searched online but none of the free patterns took my fancy.

I am really into crocheted loops, circles, ovals, etc right now - goodness knows where that's come from! Anyway when I was playing with some of my boutone yarn recently I was inspired to come up with this hairband. It's simply made from crocheted ovals sewn together, so you can make it whatever length you need.

It's exactly what I wanted - slim, soft, decorative, doesn't slip. The only problem I found is that the boutone yarn makes my scalp itch - it does have quite a harsh wool element to it. So I'm going to make this again using a cotton blend - and try out some alternative designs too.

Before that though, I need to get the second baby project finished.
This time it's for DH's cousin, whose first baby is due on 1st April. I have a good size stash of Rowan All Seasons Cotton, so I'm knitting Lucky from Pipsqueaks in shade Tapestry. Looks like it should be called Buttermilk to me.


scarletprincess said...

Loving the hairband :o) That cardi looks so sweet, unfortunately I don't really have relatives to knit baby stuff for and I think DB would get worried if I stockpiled baby knits for "no reason"!

TutleyMutley said...

I love knitting little things and that cardigan is lovely. At 'Skip North' Kate (from Knit the Knits) had a couple of combs put together with three 'scrunchies' made by 'Stylee' - I'm on the look out for similar!