Saturday, 12 January 2008

Colour on a grey day

Wool Buttons
Look - I found the other button yarn that I already had in my stash!

I can't get the colours to show properly though - it's very overcast today. I may well use them separately; they are all brown bases but so look fairly different in real life.

Della asked what I have in mind for them - erm, I have no idea! I'm going to knit and crochet a sample of each colour and see what comes to mind.

I can't help wondering how this would felt up as it's apparently 100% wool with an outer cotton thread. I may try it with the single skein colour - maybe it would give a funky crunchy texture? Any thoughts or experiences?

I ended up skeining them last night; I couldn't knit during Bill Bailey's show on TV as I was laughing too much..

Cashmere scarf

I realised that I hadn't shown off my cashmere scarf for a while, so here it is.

I usually knit one pattern repeat per (short) lunch break at work, so it's taking a while. I reckon it's just over halfway through at the moment.

Do you like the arty shot on the right? The was a brief glimpse of sunshine this morning while I had the camera out. The pattern shows up beautifully in shadow.

And finally..
The back of the cable sweater is finished!

This is the largest piece, and a little scary with how much yarn it's used. It is beautifully soft, squishy, and stretchy.

I do hope I have enough of the merino to finish the design as I adore it. Only time will tell..!


Jules said...

The cashmere scarf is gorgeous!

So jealous that you get to see Bill Bailey - I think he's a riot! I can't even get a new episode of "House" over here. :)

Mandella said...

I wonder how the experiment in felting will pan out? I have no words of wisdom I'm afraid.

The scarf is lovely. I'm terribly impressed you knit at lunchtime.