Thursday, 3 April 2008

Working down the list

I wasn't too enthralled with Ravelry to start with. It seemed like an awful lot of work to log details of all my stash, needles, hooks, books,magazines, FOs, and WIPs. I'm still a very long way off; I'll probably never get it all in there.

Since then I've wandered around the site for a few hours, and it's grown on me like ivy up a wall! I'm finding it fascinating and inspiring to look at how others have used the same yarn, to read notes regarding patterns on my waiting list, to discover new patterns for an old stashed yarn, and so on.

I still haven't found a local knitting or crochet group, but then I guess you can't have everything.

It's also finally given me the incentive to actually work through my project waiting list and ridiculous amount of stash. After all that IS the point of buying the yarn... isn't it?!

As for the current WIPS:

Beachcomber Tunic: progressing daily.
(The colours don't really change like that - I took the photo with my mobile at work!)

I've done the 3-needle cast-off to seam both shoulders. I'm now working on the lower back - the crocheted part.
The pattern is easy enough, but takes a while to do a repeat thanks to all the double treble clusters. I really love the effect though.
Fingers crossed that it ends up looking and feeling good when I wear it!

Bamboo Top: on hold.
I just have to seam this and oversew all ends with needle and thread as the lovely bamboo yarn is slippy. I need some warm weather to inspire me!

And finally a FO - a new member of the family! DH's cousin gave birth to a beautiful 6lb 2oz daughter Aimee Louise at the weekend. Well done Karen! That means that the Lucy cardigan should be in use soon. :-)


Mandella said...

Ravelry is the biggest sucker-up of computer time I know. I use it to browse patterns, catch up on blogs, chat in the forums, post my own stash and projects and .......

Jules said...

I love the look of the Beachcomber Tunic!

Honestly, Ravelry scares me a little bit. I'm afraid if I joined up, I'd never leave! Better to stay away... :)