Saturday, 29 March 2008

Birthday Time!

My youngest DD is 7 years old today!

Here she is on her go-kart that we bought for her. As you can see it's a great hit!

I'm so proud of my little girl. She's been through a lot of changes during the last 12 months, and she's taken it all in her stride. Now she's calmer and happier, doing really well at school, and loving life by the seaside.

She's showing a real flair for words - spelling and useage, adores animals - hence the party at the zoo today, can't resist a challenge, and loves drumming. She's so like her Dad!

Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Jules said...

Happy birthday, kiddo! That go-kart looks SO cool. :)

Mandella said...

Happy Birthday. Great kart!

Pixie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and what a fab go-kart

Many thanks for leaving a comment about the scarf

Have a great day

blog-blethers said...

Happy belated birthday from the Blethers household too! Isn't it wonderful to watch our 'babies' grow and develop? And no wonder DD looks chuffed with her present...