Saturday, 8 March 2008

Lucky FO and New socky project

Lucky is done - woohoo!

Still 3 weeks to go before the new owner is expected, so I went for a white button.

I love this pattern - so quick and easy, resulting in such a practical and cute little cardigan.

Hoefully it'll get a lot of wear soon. :-)

I have 1 more project to seam (remember the bamboo top?) and 1 secret project to felt, so time for a new occupant on those needles!

It's the turn of the
Tidal Wave socks, using the vivid pink cashmere sock yarn I bought from Kerrie at the HipKnits stand at the last knitting show I went to before we moved to Cornwall.

The pattern is very easy, and this is the first time I've tried using 2 circulars as opposed to magic loop. Not sure which technique I prefer yet.

The yarn is yummy, although the pattern definition isn't too good atm - hopefully that we will improve as the sock progresses...


Jules said...

Lucky is adorable!

I love that sock pattern...I may have to make a pair of those myself one of these days! If I ever finish the Lombard Streets, that is. :)

Annette said...

Love the little jacket, and the sock is a brilliant colour.
Hope you are surviving the weather and still have a roof! I've just seen your area on the news, and it looks very wild.