Saturday, 22 March 2008

Cosy toes

Presenting... the Tidal Wave socks.

Knitted in Hipknits cashmere sock-weight yarn using a 2.5mm Addi circular needle.

Easy peasy, comfy and quick. Never thought I'd say that about knitting socks. Just goes to show what you can learn.

Now I just need to make some of those sock blockers - hmm, should I go for the
plastic or hanging type? Maybe both! :-)

In the meantime, here are the socks in action.

And believe me they're going to get plenty of that. ;-)

(P.S. The ballet was wonderful and much enjoyed!)


Annette said...

Those socks look so warm and snuggly. Just the thing for this wintery weather!

Mandella said...

What cosy looking-socks. You got any snow in Cornwall?

Jules said...

The socks are lovely - what a great color!