Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spring Inspiration

Thanks for the neckline shaping ideas. I'm going to let it stew for a while, as I'm not sure which way to go yet. I may even frog the lot!

In the meantime, have you seen the latest
Knitty? Oooooh dear. Lots more inspiration. So much that it's going to induce a knitted stutter. Know what I mean? No? Well, if you talk too fast for your brain to handle, you stutter (this is my interpretation for this topic, so don't quote me on the medical analysis!). Well my brain is clocking up new projects-in-waiting far too fast for my hands to cope with. Hence the knitting stutter. ;-)

I know that both DDs would love the Emma's but I'm not sure they wouldn't be too heavy and start to sag. Instead I'm tempted to go for the Charm Shrug. I have 7 balls of All Seasons Cotton left, so I might try swatching that.

As for me, I love Yosemite, Jaden, Marjorie, and Honeycomb - in that order. Plus I have masses of cotton in my stash that would be suitable for both Yosemite and Jaden I'm sure. Very tempting...

1 comment:

Mandella said...

I'm liking Talia and Honeycomb. I think it's all about sleeveless layers for me at the moment.