Friday, 16 May 2008

Cornish bugs

Youngest DD and me have been poorly girls this week. Not the greatest way I can think of for me to lose weight, but effective enough.

We're over the main effects now, but we can't find things that we're enjoying to eat. Weird. Chocolate? Nope. Fruit? No way. Plain biscuits? Still too sweet.

It seems that our bodies are crying out for plain carbohydrates; bread, toast, potatoes (in any form) are all going down fine - as long as there are no sweet flavours with them.

As for drinks, well it seems to be water, water, or more water. I've tried a decaff now and again but it just doesn't feel right. Fennel or mint tea to soothe the digestion are fine until the stomach acid hits afterwards. Very strange. Still, at least we've not had it as bad as blueadt - I guess this bug is hitting nationwide.

Watch for some crochet FOs as soon as I get the energy to get the camera out...


Jules said...

Oh no - I hope you'll both be feeling better soon! Toast and bananas are all I ever want to eat when I'm recovering from that sort of thing - kind of weird, but I guess the carbs are the best thing for it. :)

blueadt said...

I hope you both feel better soon. I've been back at work for 3 days this week & went to bed every day when I got home & I only work part time. The dogs came home yesterday after being in kennels for 11 days & again I'm shattered every time I walk them.

The only food I wanted at first (when I could stomach thinking about food) were ready salted doritos. I think I was craving salt.

Isn't it horrible when you've been feeling so good & then BANG it's all taken away & you come out of it really weak.

Daisy said...

Hope you feel better soon!