Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Photo frenzy

Well we're heading back to full health just as DH gets the sickness bug. He doesn't seem too bad though - luckily he doesn't suffer from man-flu. ;-) Hopefully he'll be over it before we head up-country to visit my relatives for a few days from this Friday.

Anyway, as promised, a photo frenzy follows. There - you have been warned!

Firstly the beaded jewellery:
Purple Slice

Lime Sprinkles

Fruit Drop

Then the crochet hairbands:

Zigzag hairband
Wave hairband
Bubble hairband
Spiderweb hairband

And finally the beautiful calla lilies in our front garden right now.

That's the lot for now. More when we get back next week!


Jules said...

I love the green necklace and earrings - beautiful!

Also, I tagged you. :) See my blog!

Susan said...

The purple one is my favorite. The lilies are gorgeous!