Monday, 21 July 2008

Prize-winning items

Excuse me what's the date? Where exactly did the last 9 days disappear to? I'm obviously stuck in a time-warp. Or something.

Anyway, our local village show has been and gone, and was a great success. My DDs entered several categories and won prizes - and so did I!

This is youngest DD's entry for the shellcraft category. I helped her make a shell windchime.

Not the easiest thing to photograph while it's lying down, but you get the idea. Obviously the judge got the idea too, as DD won first prize in her age group!

The chime tubes were actually left over from a bought windchime kit that was never going to happen - plastic bits that had to be painted with a paint that just kept sliding off. No, I don't think so. This version looks much better and sounds lovely too. :-)

Eldest DD's entry was also great - a lovely shell necklace. The judge also liked this one, and she got first prize in her age group too!

DD has since worn the necklace several times, and it does look fabulous on.

They also both won second prize in their age groups for the decorated cakes category, but DH (bless him) forgot to photograph those entries. They didn't last long - both DDs ate them on the (short) walk home. ;-)

As for my entries, I did rather well !

My knitted welly socks got first prize (just out of shot here, but you've
seen them before) and my cashmere ripple scarf got second prize in the handknitted category.

One of my zigzag crochet hairbands got third prize in the crochet category. :-)

The prize-giving ceremony lasts quite a while as you can see!

There were also the usual cornish cream teas (yum!), bouncy castle, coconut shy, brass band, local ice creams etc etc.

A great time was had by all - and the sun shone on us all day. :-)


Jules said...

Congratulations to you and your girls! Everything looks wonderful - that cashmere scarf looks particularly cozy. :)

Mandella said...

Congratulations to all of you!

I remember seeing some knitting judging on TV once and the judge dismissed a gorgeous shawl as it didn't demonstrate skill in enough areas. The prizewinner on that occasion was a jacket with perfect finishing, but I didn't like it. Socks, I should imagine, however, have it all.