Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Llama anyone?

Well that's it - the Llama Lland Open Day has been and gone for this year. A slightly lower attendance than last year due to the delightful weather we're having right now, but a good day anyway.

Here are some of the main show stars - although I'm afraid I'm not sure of their names. A very handsome and well behaved bunch, although I didn't manage to get any of the fibre or yarn from them this year. :-)

These little black sheep also drew lots of attention, not least from my DDs who spent quite a while feeding them.

My memory is dreadful - the lady in charge of them told me what kind they are, but the name immediately fell out of my head.

And finally a close-up of some of the main pieces of my offerings - crocheted necklaces, beaded jewellery, and llama earrings.

I was surprised that none of the llama earrings sold!

I did sell 2 out of 3 of the crochet necklaces, my crocheted pots, a couple of bookmarks, a couple of hairbands, and a couple of pairs of earrings - but almost all of those were bought by my MIL and her friend. I'm pleased that they wanted to buy them of course, but it feels like they were biased - you know what I mean, don't you?!

So I guess a few
Etsy updates are on the cards - after the local village show this weekend.


Jules said...

I can't believe no one bought llama earrings at Llama Lland. (Llove that name.) :) The penguin earrings are adorable!

Mindie said...

I can't believe no one bought the earrings either, they're lovely. Sadly I can only wear gold so I'm pretty limited when it comes to earrings. Hope you have better luck at the village show.