Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Crochet Captivation

OK this is getting silly. My entire life is being taken over by crocheting small items for craft fairs.

I'm crocheting in every spare second and the rest of the time I'm thinking about colours, designs, etc. I've bought a huge bag full of Patons 100% Cotton 4ply - 1 ball of as many colours as I could afford at the time. I've now printed out a shadechart for it so I can see which ones I have left to buy...

The scary thing is I'm loving it.

I settled on the Patons Cotton 4ply because it's fantastic stuff - great sheen, huge yardage, affordable, and good range of colours. Plus I can get it from a LYS - I'm still supporting them even if they are closing down soon. (Boo hoo - I would love to buy the business from them as they're retiring but there's not a chance.)

The event I'm aiming for is the
Llama Lland Open Day on 6th July. We went last year and it was a popular family event, so I've focused on small items that may be more appealing as they won't cost much money to buy. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather - and if you're in the area, come along!

Whatever's left after that will be listed in my Etsy shop - I really have no idea how much there will be. Here's the tally so far:
7 crochet bookmarks
12 crochet hairbands/chokers - some beaded
2 crochet beaded pots
5 beaded necklaces - 1 crocheted
12 pairs of bead earrings - including llama bead ones!

Right, time for more crocheting...


Mandella said...

Very pretty. I bet they go down like hot cakes.

Karen said...

Hi there, very cheery blog! Your crocheted items look lovely and I agree that Patons cotton comes in fantastic colours. Sorry to hear your LYS is closing down though.