Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Crochet Captivation

OK this is getting silly. My entire life is being taken over by crocheting small items for craft fairs.

I'm crocheting in every spare second and the rest of the time I'm thinking about colours, designs, etc. I've bought a huge bag full of Patons 100% Cotton 4ply - 1 ball of as many colours as I could afford at the time. I've now printed out a shadechart for it so I can see which ones I have left to buy...

The scary thing is I'm loving it.

I settled on the Patons Cotton 4ply because it's fantastic stuff - great sheen, huge yardage, affordable, and good range of colours. Plus I can get it from a LYS - I'm still supporting them even if they are closing down soon. (Boo hoo - I would love to buy the business from them as they're retiring but there's not a chance.)

The event I'm aiming for is the
Llama Lland Open Day on 6th July. We went last year and it was a popular family event, so I've focused on small items that may be more appealing as they won't cost much money to buy. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather - and if you're in the area, come along!

Whatever's left after that will be listed in my Etsy shop - I really have no idea how much there will be. Here's the tally so far:
7 crochet bookmarks
12 crochet hairbands/chokers - some beaded
2 crochet beaded pots
5 beaded necklaces - 1 crocheted
12 pairs of bead earrings - including llama bead ones!

Right, time for more crocheting...

Thursday, 19 June 2008

WWKIP - Truro

What a wonderful day!

We met in the Piazza in
Lemon Quay in the centre of Truro, and had a wonderful backdrop of flags and masts as we sat alongside the Cornwall Boat Show.

There was a good sized group of knitters, with people coming and going throughout the day. I met loads of knitters from
Ravelry - hi all of you!

I also met a knitter local to Perranporth (our nearest place) and we're hoping to meet up and maybe even get a group going - finally!

Julia from Knit Wits at Penzance with the record-breaking needles turned up - complete with needles, yarn, and Guinnes Book of Records certificate. A truly amazing sight.

The weather held up for us, with only one shower during the whole day. We took refuge under the huge umbrellas covering the Hall for Cornwall's outside coffee area - well it was time for a delicious chunk of carrot cake and a latte anyway. ;-)

The lady from The Natural Fibre Company in Launceston was also there with a sack of their fabulous yarn. She very kindly gave everyone the opportunity to select a free 50g ball of the yarn as a taster. A very good way to get some new customers! I chose the "Pure 50/50 Alpaca & Shetland Wool" which is beautifully soft. I have no idea what I'll be making with it yet though.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all - hopefully we'll meet up again soon.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Unexpected guest

It still surprises me that wetsuits feature regularly on our washing line nowadays, but this weekend we had another surprise - an unexpected guest.

On the wetsuit was a bright green stick insect!

Apparently there are a few colonies of them here in the South West of England. Amazing..!

Fantastic weekend btw - great weather = much relaxing on the beach, bodyboarding, new shoes, and a family bbq! Perfect. :-)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Trivia and oddments

There's not been much sign of any knitting going on around here recently has there? In fact not much of anything. But you know how it goes: less blogging = more doing usually.

The back of the soya cardigan is finished - and you didn't even know it was started. The yarn is Sirdar "Just Soya" in shade "Hot Pepper".
It's beautifully soft, but very splitty and it has a slight haze already from handling the knitting. We'll have to see what the pillability factor turns out to be!
I've also found that every ball so far has had a join in it somewhere - annoying for a full price yarn.

The bamboo top and beachcomber tunic have both stalled at the seaming gate. I just haven't felt like doing either of them, and seaming is definitely something requiring the right frame of mind in my experience.

Instead I've been busy making frivolities - small items for the summer run of craft fairs and summer fetes.
You've seen some of the beaded jewellery and hairbands; those are now in the West Midlands for a while. Others are currently in my Etsy shop - go
take a look!

As a result of that all my recent purchases have been either beads, jewellery findings, or oddments of mercerised cotton yarns. If anyone has any they want to clear out - shout up!