Monday, 9 February 2009

Junior socks

My youngest DD has a sock problem.

She always has cold feet, so needs to wear socks a lot, but she can't stand them sliding down on her foot or leg - which happens frequently as she's tall and slim.

So during the snow last week, I lent her a pair of my own handknit socks - which were way too big of course but were at least warm.

And then what happened? Why she asked me to knit her a pair in her size of course!

So here they are. Or most of the first one anyway.

DD picked out the yarn in the colourway she liked the most from my (limited) sock yarn stash. It was this purple and lilac striped
Zig Zag yarn from King Cole.

This is a budget sock yarn, but not at all bad to knit with - if a little splitty on a double-wrap pick-up on the short rows.

I'm using the
Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula from Knitty - it's amazingly simple and quick. Crochet cast-on, short-row toe, foot, short-row heel, cuff, stretchy cast-off - done!

They shouldn't take long - youngest DD is almost 8 years old. Next is an order for a bigger pair for her older sister of course!


KimT said...

love the colorway! I might have to try these.

Elvira`s strikkeblogg said...

I realy like this yarn, the socks get more life.
Grate blog you have !!