Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sublime of course

I have an almost FO to show you - just adding the final touches...
I've created a wristie - a cross between the much-loved Mrs Beeton style cuff and a handwarmer.

It's closer-fitting to provide more warmth around the back of the hand, but I've used a fish-scale lace pattern with a picot edging to keep the prettiness.

I have large hands, so the wristie would be longer on an average size female hand.

I used 1 ball of Sublime Angora Merino yarn to make a pair of these.

This shade is 45 - Chilli - but it's actually more of a pinky red than I'd envisaged. Colours never show accurately on monitors! It's still lovely nevertheless.

I'm going to sew the buttons to the cuff for decorative purposes only - and they do co-ordinate beautifully with the yarn colour, although my camera refuses to agree in the artificial light of these dark evenings.

This yarn is unutterably soft and luxurious. I defy anyone to not stroke it! I see more of this in my future projects...

BTW, if you love the cushion cover you can see more at Maries Cosy Cushions. She's a UK-based Etsy seller and I see more of her covers in my future too!

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Kathy said...

I love your hand warmers. They are darling . Great color and length. I like them short!