Thursday, 28 May 2009

Teach 'em young

I spent a while this afternoon playing with Kool-Aid dyes and 3 skeins of sock yarn with my youngest DD. What better way to spend a half-term cloudy afternoon - creative, educational and yarny!

I let her choose the colours to be used and then showed her how to make them up into the dyes.

She came up with the first colourway - her favourite - a rainbow one of course.

Then we decided together how to use the remaining colours on the other 2 skeins of yarn. Here are the results:
This one is a gorgeous bright mix of red and orange, which hasn't shown up in the picture well at all - goodness knows why not.

Then this one which is the leftover blue, green and lemon.



Allena said...

wow that looks like fun!

Jules said...

They're all beautiful, but that blue-green one is my favorite!

Judith said...

Great colors, and a fun way to play with yarn! I like them both!