Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dyeing again

This time with my oldest DD.

She did pretty much all of it: tied the skeins, picked out the Kool-Aid shades, mixed the dyes, poured them on, wrapped the clingfilm, microwaved the yarns, and then rinsed them once I'd unwrapped and cooled them a little.

Here are the results:

Lovely Lemon and Lime - this is the one DD wants to keep for me to make something for her to wear.

Sizzling Strawberry - this one taught her that you don't always end up with what you first envisaged, especially with Kool-Aid.

The initial idea was pink blending through to purple - quite different to the result!

Fire Light - we ran out of time before dinner to finish off the dyes, so later I mixed them together and poured them into a pan to kettle-dye this third skein.

These are all superwash sock yarns, and the red ones will be listed in my
Etsy shop ready for you to buy soon. Both my daughters are so excited to have their hand-dyed yarns up for sale!

I've recently changed the name of my hand-dyed yarns after finding another dyelicious in Australia. As we are so close to lovely Perranporth, I have settled on Perran Yarns. Please
take a look!


Thrissle said...

Shame about the name - what a coincidence! Still, the new one is great, and is meaningful too. I love the colours - sh'es got an eye for colour, I love the lemon and lime :)

ambermoggie said...

I love the lemon and lime one:)

Amy said...

I love the colors. thanks for sharing,Amy