Monday, 29 June 2009

Faster, faster..

The ribby lace socks with the split toe for eldest DD are so close to being finished - just the toes to do on the left foot. Then I can finish writing out the pattern for that toe option and bat it over to some Ravelry test knitters. BUT...

I've had a request for a knitted garment for my nephew, after his little sister received her poncho - it's only fair. His 4th birthday is on 2nd July so I thought it would be a good idea to make something as his birthday present.

A quick chat with his mum led to the requirement for a vest-type tank top in a blue or neutral colourway. I scoured my yarn stash but couldn't find enough of anything suitable, so more purchasing was required.

I ended up buying
Sirdar Click Aran yarn (in shade "Loom Blue") and the matching slipover pattern - great value from Black Sheep Wools. I reckon the pattern will look just as good in girly colours on my DDs, so it'll get repeat use.

Of course since I decided this would be the birthday gift I've had precious little knitting time, so now the date is looming far quicker than I'd like.

The back and front are now finished - just the seams and rib edgings to go. The pattern is very easy but I need more time! Hence the delay on the sock pattern, and the manic cable knitting in every spare moment...

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