Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A day at the Fair

Last Saturday I had a stall at a local Craft Fair, and we had a great day!

It's a well-established event - well organised and attended, with over 100 stalls.

My eldest DD came along to help, and was very keen to run the stall by herself whilst I went off to browse the other stalls. She did very well too! We made quite a few sales, which is really encouraging.

The necklace display stands from Boo's Jewellery templates worked really well. I learned a few more lessons too:
  • My items need more labels - a pull-on cowl is obvious to me as I made it but I had lots of people asking what it was
  • I need to get a better-looking piece of fabric to cover the table with - I may invest in a length of black velvet for the next fair
  • My own invention of the hand display stands for my fingerless gloves worked well
  • Using our bathroom cabinet without the drawers worked well to add height
  • Some kind of backdrop would help to focus attention on the items on the table rather than whatever is behind it.
More thinking to do for the next one then...


Got It From My Mama said...

enjoyed your blog so much. Glad you did well at craft fair I think it's a learning curve the more you do the more tips you pick up for displaying your goods. Good Luck with the next one.

Yard By Yard Knits said...

Your table looks great! I just participated in my first craft fair a couple weeks ago, and it was interesting seeing what ordinary objects could be used as props! I had flashlights hiding under hand puppets!