Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween happenings

The first of the Falmouth Craft Fairs is now done, and unfortunately only resulted in one small sale so the day ended as a financial loss.

However it wasn't all well as I did learn something - the necklace stands from Boo Jewellery certainly created interest, so I'd like to come up with display stands for my cowls and gloves too. I have a few ideas to play with - more soon!

I also bought my first Christmas present for this year! It's a really lovely felt flower mobile made by the fair's organiser Amanda from her stand Lemon Sherbet. I love it and intend to give it to my adorable newest for Christmas.

After the fair we went to a Halloween Party at my in-laws' house - great fun!

We played mummy wrapping and marshamallow bobbing, and had lots of great food.

I think the preparation for Halloween parties is as good as the evening itself - pumpkin carving and baking. Now I really must use a pumpkin for soup!

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