Friday, 9 April 2010

Monochrome crochet

I recently finished a very long crochet beaded wrap necklace, and have just listed it in my Etsy shop.

When I say long, I mean l o n g! If I stand up and hold with my arm outstretched it trails on the floor..

I've used Rowan Shimmer yarn in shade "Jet", with a selection of clear and black beads threaded on before I crocheted the long loop. In the middle is a gorgeous starfish pendant.

It seems that most things I do now are inspired by the sea - I wonder why?!

You can also see my star buy of this week - a lovely dressmakers dummy in great condition on a pine stand for just £25. There's always something interesting to be found by browsing through the classified ads in your local newspaper!

1 comment:

Thrissle said...

love the necklace.. and dressmakers dummy is a fabulous find, lucky you! Happy holidays to all of you :)

PS I voted for your shamrock on the etsyhookers contest, by far the classiest entry