Friday, 4 November 2005

That craze

OK, so I have succumbed to the current Curly Wurly scarf craze that is sweeping UK knitters. I knitted this one using 2 balls of Jaeger Wolga metallic mix yarn from my stash, and I think it looks like knitted curly tinsel! It is, of course, destined to be another Christmas present.

I have
crocheted one of these scarves before, and I like both ways of doing it. The crochet version gives a more instant fix as you can see the curls appearing as you go, and it's also better IMO if you want to use every possible inch of the yarn you have as you can literally keep going until you run out of yarn. Both methods are just as portable as the knitted one uses a long circular needle.

Andrea asked previously what kind of yarn I used for the Ribbed Collar. It was an unlabelled yarn from my stash, but I think it was Wendy Sarto - an age old yarn which is an 80% chunky wool mix. I still have lots of this left, so I'm hoping to find a few more projects for it too.

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