Monday, 31 October 2005

And another one..

Another Xmas gift is finished! We're on a roll here. This time it's the Ribbed Collar, again from the 1st issue of the
knit.1 magazine. It's a great alternative to a scarf, and I think I'll be making one for myself too.
This took about 3 hours to make. There's no shaping - it's all done by reducing the needle size from bottom to top. Nifty eh?!

I couldn't let Halloween go by without showing you this fabulous pic of my 2 girls in full gothic vampiress fancy dress, ready for the Halloween party. Scary eh?!


Donna said...

The ribbed collar is very cute. Your girls look lovely and scary at the same time! Did you get lots of candy?!

Heather said...

Love the little vamps. My girl was a vampire too. Beautiful collar!

Andrea said...

Like the collar - what yarn did you use?