Friday, 21 October 2005


Where are these weeks going to? I only seem to blink and another day has passed. Is it the time of year, or is it just me I wonder?

I am feeling extremely tired and lethargic every day, which I think probably has a lot to do with the shorter daylight hours combined with my youngest daughter waking me up several times a night, every night, for the past 5 weeks plus. She can't help it, and I do love to snuggle up to sleep with her, but I still have to get up at 7am each morning so I don't catch up.

I guess I sound like most Mums - past, present, and future. Shut up and get on with it woman.

This post it titled "Intermission" because that's where I'm at:

1) It's the Half Term school holiday this coming week, and I've booked the week off work so I can get a break from those early morning starts.

2) I have finished knitting all the main pieces of the Textured Cardigan (huge fanfare!) and now have to wait for my 150cm 3.75mm Addi Turbos to arrive via
eBay (of course) before I can knit the edging. This means that I can officially work on Other WIPs - wow! This is a strangely liberating feeling, and I'm actually enjoying finishing some WIPs. Must be the Full Moon.

BTW, no pics today as DH has taken the camera to work. Well it is his after all.

Here's what I did (knitting-wise; you really don't want to here the full list!) last night:
1) Seamed the right shoulder of the Textured Cardigan ready for the front edging.
2) Unpicked the
incorrectly seamed sleeve of the Lacewing Bolero (remember that one?).
3) Seamed the left side and sleeve of the
silk Clover Top (remember that one too?!) with some of an odd ball of white mercerised cotton yarn - incredibly easy and fast compared to trying to use the silk to seam with.
4) Finished - yes finished the
replacement Sirdar Fizz scarf - woo hoo!!!

I'm feeling pretty good about all this. I'm even looking forward to seaming the other side of the Clover Top. Better go and do it before I come to my senses. :-)


francoise said...

Well done on finishing all that sewing that had been waiting a long time. It must feel really good to clear the deck for new projects...

Daisy said...

Enjoy the half term rest and extra time in bed!
Which ebay seller did you buy the Addis from?