Thursday, 6 October 2005

Wot no blogging?

Hmm, first post in over a week – what’s happened? Well nothing to be precise. That’s the problem – I find myself utterly uninspired in the blogging department. From what I’ve read from other knitterly blogs, this happens occasionally. It’s just never happened to me before.

For quite a few days, I found myself completely apathetic to new projects and yarn. Instead I am yearning to make up the projects for which I already have stash – and you’ve sent the pics and read the words for these already.

As an example, a few days ago I received the October issue of Sandra knitting magazine. It has some “nice” (yukky word alert!) projects but nothing that grabs me by the throat and yells “KNIT ME!”

Rose has now tempted me in the stash enhancement area though. She’s de-stashing, which means the rest of the Beatties Knit-Chat Club members are buying lots of yarn from her – including me. ;-)

I’ve purchased a pack of Rowan All Seasons Cotton which I think will become the cover cardigan from the "Textured Knits" book.

A pack of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK in a gorgeous burgundy/plum colour also crept into my heart; not sure what this will become yet so it will wait patiently in my stash until The Right Pattern reveals itself.

But back to the Project Of The Moment - the forever-project that is the Jaeger Luxury Tweed Textured Cardigan (aka JaLuTTeC). She’s a strange one. I can’t describe how dull it is to think about being on the same project for so long, especially after several months of alluring quick summer projects. But actually working on it is strangely compelling. It seems to take forever, and yet I love the stitch pattern, shaping, and yarn so much that I can’t contemplate giving up on it. I’ve never felt like this before. It must be love. ;-)

So where has all this adoration got me to? Well the back is seamed to the left front, and the left sleeve is now finished, which amazingly seems to be long enough for my gibbon arms. (I said that. Nobody else is allowed to, ok?)

Knitting that sleeve reminded me of the Disney film "Dumbo". You know, the part where the circus train is struggling up the hill puffing "I think I can, I think I can, I.. think.. I.. can.. I… think… I… can…" getting slower and slower towards the top? That was me working on the sleeve as the rows got longer and longer. Then the train reaches the top and races down the other side of the hill puffing "I thought I could, I thought I could". That was from the armhole and upwards, with rows rapidly reducing in length. :-)

I am going to seam that left sleeve and side before starting the right front. If I say it often enough it may even happen. Well ok, I admit I have started the right front, cuz I wasn’t going to sit at the Tuesday Knit-Chat seaming for goodness sake! Since then I've only had chance to do a few rows knitting. So seaming night is soon, honest!

Then it’s right front, seam shoulder, right sleeve, seam sleeve and right side, front edging (billions of stitches and a forever-triangle edging), and maybe, just maybe, (please whisper this part) wear it before Christmas (thank you!).

BTW many thanks to
Annette for her encouraging remarks at the Knit-Chat Club meeting recently. It all helps. :-)

Finally, for those of you desperate to know the state of our decorating – the main lounge wall is now a glorious shade of Bisque and we adore it.
It is truly the first time we have expected a chosen paint shade to look like it does once actually on the wall.
We have no woodchip. We have no exposed brick. We have clean smooth walls painted in modern soothing shades. (Big contented sigh.) It’s only taken 11 years of living in our house to reach this stage. ;-)

Tomorrow I’m hopefully off to Ikea with my SIL (well she will be if they finally get round to getting married!) to hopefully find the perfect mother-and-child floor light, and maybe textiles. Oh dear, I seem to be in a money-spending phase. Better get selling my unwanted items on eBay again. ;-)


francoise said...

This All Season Cotton is a gorgeous shade and it should suit perfectly the textured knit you are planning for it.

Emily said...

Love the burgundy Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK ! Man, you knit nice stuff! you make me jealous, should at least try to finish some bigger projects!