Saturday, 15 October 2005

Time flies

Almost another week gone, and the Textured Cardigan is still a WIP. OK I have to admit I've getting a little tired of working on the same project now, but I know that working on something else will make this one take even longer.

The right front is done, and the right sleeve is done approximately to the elbow. With all the current redecorating work, I'm thinking of possibly knitting a cushion cover next. I could pick a stitch pattern I like from one of my stitch dictionaries and use stash yarn, and it should be a quick knit - or crochet maybe.

Or I could just finish off those other WIPS just requiring seaming... We'll see...

I still can't get this blog to appear correctly in IE. The sidebar has slipped to the bottom of all my current posts although I haven't intentionally changed the template. Anyone know how to fix it?



The sidebar thing has happened to me a couple of times too and I'm not always sure why. Sometimes it corrects itself (?!) but sometimes it is because you've got a picture (or something else) in the main part of your blog that is bigger than it should be, the side bar then seems to slip down the page to compensate. I realise this is a very non tecchy description and you might get better advice from someone more tecchy, but my advice is check through your posts for any large objects that might have caused this.

Daisy said...

That happened to me too and it was because of a too wide picture in the sidebar. I would check both the sidebar and main bit for large pics and see if that makes a difference.