Monday, 10 October 2005

Half a Textured Cardigan

Several weeks in and the halfway point reached. I've spent this evening seaming the left shoulder, side, and sleeve seams, and this is what the Textured Cardigan looks like so far. Pretty good I reckon.
She's going to be a snug fit; good job I'm after the fitted look atm!

The stitch pattern is not the easiest to seam. For some reason it's easier to find the double bar (for Jane Crowfoot's wonderful lace-up seaming method) at the end of the rows than the beginning. I don't think I'll ever win any titles for the world's fastest seamstress. ;-)

The current phase of decorating is more than half done, I'm happy to say. This is my lounge, with my wonderful new mother-and-child floor lamp which I bought from Ikea last Friday for just £7.99! What a bargain.

DH was suitably impressed, so we're definately in for a few more trips there.

Note the beautiful Bisque wall without any trace of interior brick mantlepiece. I'm a happy bunny. Now for the curtains..


francoise said...

Your textured cardigan looks pretty good. Not that long to go now... I am a enthusiastic follower of the sew-as-you go method. First, because you can see whether it's going to fit or not before it is too late, and secondly it seems to grow quicker (it' psychological, I know, but it helps).

Tracy said...

Seaming is like decorating. You take your time, you get the results.