Saturday, 22 October 2005

Clearing the decks

Look! The Clover Silk Top is finished! I seamed it effortlessly last night with some mercerised white cotton yarn, and have worn it today. It fits absolutely beautifully - as if it were made to measure - oh yes, it was. ;-)

I'm just not looking forward to washing it. Fiona's beatiful silk top has stretched after careful handwashing and flat drying so much that she has thrown it away. I'm hoping that doesn't happen to mine; £24 is fantastic for a silk top but not if it turns out to be a disposable one.

I love the silk; the buttery softness, the sheen, the drape, etc, but I doubt very much that I will use it again. It breaks during regular knitting way too easily for my taste, and is very "fluffy" atm. It seems like it's just not quite spun enough, but then I am no spinning expert so I may be totally wrong. Still a fabulous experience though, and I'm delighted (atm) with the results.

I finally managed to spend my Sirdar vouchers whilst on my way to the Knit-Chat this afternoon. I bought 2 balls of
Sirdar Curly Wurly in the blue/green colourway for a scarf (of course).

I was also impressed with Fiona's current project of a fake cable scarf in
Patons Symphony. It's gorgeous yarn that looks like variegated chenille. I may well be tempted to make a sweater with this, even though it's mainly acrylic.

Not yet though. I need to get seaming on the
Lacewing Bolero, whilst waiting for my Addi Turbos to arrive. (Daisy - the link is to the seller who I bought the needles from, as you asked.)


Daisy said...

Thanks for the link! :-)

Iris said...

Your top looks lovely, great job! I know what you mean about problems with the silk yarn, though. It does break really easily, so I had the same thought - a bit more twist would have been good... Also, if I wear my silk clapotis over ,say a black top, it sheds something awful...

It still is a lovely yarn, though, and I enjoyed knitting with it. And yes, it drapes beautifully! :)