Thursday, 27 October 2005

Enjoying my week off

Last night we went to Cineworld to see Nanny McPhee - and what a great film it is! DH and I were nearly in tears at the end (a happy sad), and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it too. I would absolutely recommend it.

As DH and I both have Orange mobile phones we were both able to take advantage of the
Orange Wednesdays 2 for 1 ticket offer, meaning that we got the girls in for free and saved over £8 - fab. :-)

I'm still waiting for my long Addi Turbos to arrive to complete my Textured Cardigan, so in the meantime my Lopi bag is roaring along. I'm finding it quite addictive, and it's been past midnight every night this week before I've convinced myself that I really ought to stop knitting and go to bed.

I tried felting a square of the Wendy Sarto yarn, with limited success. It does felt, but in a patchy kind of way, with a messy and thin result. I'm changing my plans for this, and will probably use to to knit a ribbed collar from the first issue of the knit.1 magazine. That's after I finish off the Lopi bag - I'm dying to get it into the washing machine and see the results!

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