Sunday, 25 September 2005

Time to draw a breath..

Progress is the name of the game.

I made the landing curtains on Friday and hung them at 11:25pm that night. Today we stripped the wallpaper from the lounge after taking the girls to see "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D" today at the cinema! It's a great kids film BTW. :-)

And I've had time to knit too! The left front of the Textured Cardigan is now finished. Tomorrow night I'll seam the left shoulder and then start on the sleeve.

My youngest is not too good - very wheezy and on her blue inhaler several times a day atm. She's sleeping more peacefully so far tonight - she's in with me for now and last night it was like sleeping next to a heavily congested snoring Darth Vader.

Better go and tackle some of the huge mountains of ironing that are threatening to take over my kitchen. ;-)

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scarletprincess said...

hey there
i cant believe you've had time to knit and decorate!! such a wondermum!
dunno if i'll be around saturday- i'm sure Rose will fill u in on the saga!
hope to see u soon
fi x