Friday, 23 September 2005

Chaos rules

Alert! The back of the Textured Cardigan is complete and the correct size! (Stadium-type roar of applause and cheering here please.) Phew, that's the biggest piece out of the way. I'm now working on the left front, which is going quickly - when I get chance to work on it.

You see we're in rather a chaotic state here; the picture is part of my lounge wall in it's current state.
The decorating has reached new heights, as we've (well actually my FIL has) now removed the "decorative" brick wall which formed half of the longest wall of our lounge. It also made the room extremely dark.
The wall now needs to be plastered on the bottom half and the wallpaper removed from the top half before it can be painted in it's intended shade of "bisque".
Plus.. the plans seem to have crept to include basically the entire house, apart from the bathroom which we did 2 years ago. Oops! (Hee hee my secret plan worked..) It will all be soooo worth it when it's finally finished..

I'm also still plodding through my unwanted stash and selling it on ebay; I'm trying to add a couple of items per evening so keep checking if you're interested!
Last night as I was preparing to add this cotton/linen blend yarn to my list of auctions, I got that "Don't do it" feeling. I've had that every time I've contemplated selling this yarn, so I finally gave in. I've decided I'm going to use it to give the infamous Kiri a try. That's at some undetermined point in the future when all other higher priorities are done. Hopefully before I get my free bus pass.

Anyway, must fly - I have to make new curtains for the landing window and start to strip that wallpaper in the lounge - oh and pick up my youngest from nursery in less than 1 hour. Just call me Superwoman. ;-)


scarletprincess said...

Hi Superwoman!
you'll be thrilled when all the house decorating is done I'm sure!
The cardi is looking great!
See u soon
luv Fi x

Tracy said...

It's horrible all the preparation, the mess, the microwaved meals and then all of a sudden you're sat there in your freshly decorated room, knitting in lap thinking that maybe the bedroom could do with a lick of paint or the bathroom needs retiling. It's a never ending job.

Anonymous said...

I knitted a top in the natural Pampas yarn more than 15 years ago and it looks lovely knitted up.