Monday, 12 September 2005

The chef is in the kitchen

Yep, it was DH's turn to make the dinner tonight, and we'd pre-arranged a warm chicken salad type recipe.
I bought a bag of fresh leafy salad with tatsoi today and DH made a yummy balsamic dressing to adorn it and then pan-fried the chicken in strips with a herby tomato puree marinade. Together with cherry toms, sweet red pepper slices, and green seedless grapes, it made the most deeee-licious healthy dinner! That one is definately on the list of regulars. ;-)

I'm doing battle with my thick curly hair every day atm - I've had it cut and the bulk taken out a little but it stills just wants to frizz! Must be the weather; not that that knowledge helps when I look in the mirror. I'm using the hair products I've currently got about 3 times a day right now, and I'm thinking of investing in a set of GHD hair irons as I've had recommendations from 2 friends. Any suggestions for great calming hair products?

The Textured Cardigan is now progressing nicely once again; I've found that switching to aluminium needles makes life much easier with this fluffy yarn - much less grabby. Better get on with it!


Tracy said...

When I've had a bit too much sun on top of a head of highlights, I can get the electric shock look very easily. The John Frieda Frizz ease in extra strength calms me down a treat. Now on that note...I should have gone to bed nearly 2 hours ago!

KnitYoga said...

Same here - highlights on top of my naturally wavy thick hair can lead me to look like I've just plugged myself into an electric socket! I get something called Kerastase Nutritive Anti-Frizz which seems to be available at most good hairdressers. You apply just a few drops on damp hair and it works like magic!

Celeste said...

I'm also cursed with frizzy hair. It was fine till I was about 12, then gradually got worse. If only it looked as nice when it was dry as it does when it's wet.
I use the Frizz Ease serum sometimes which makes it lots better, but it can build up after a few weeks and feels yucky, so I have to give it a break.
I was using Aussie Shampoo and 3 minute wonder conditioner, which was great... then the cricket started so I haven't used it for 2 months. I can start again now though without fear of breaking any cricket spells.

dee said...

I am a huge fan of L'Oreal's Hot Straight, which I use with my GHD straightens. It is amazing and relatively cheap :)