Sunday, 18 September 2005

Busy times

Well it's been a busy weekend. We visited my nephew James as we haven't seen him for 3 weeks. Boy has he filled out! He's keeping his mum busy by demanding feeds every 2 hours and is certainly making good use of all that good food. He's doing his party trick in this shot - he doesn't usually move his eyes independently, honest!

My girls had to get a cuddle with their nephew too - here's my eldest with her wild hair (we plaited it before bedtime a couple of nights ago) but James wasn't happy about having this photo taken.

After having very little knitting time during the week, I made up for it yesterday. 2 hours at the Beatties Knit Chat and another 2 hours whilst watching a film last night got me to the last stretch before the casting off for the back. It's measuring a more reasonable size this time, and it's stretchy too, so I'm much happier with it.

DH has been busy too - he's laid us a beautiful new Amtico laminate floor in our porch! It's so fab I have to keep going to look at it. :-)

Tomorrow is a "me" day for a change; I've booked the day off work but my MIL is doing the school runs as per a normal work day for me, as I'm off to
Merry Hill for a day's shopping with my mum! Hopefully I'll have some new purchase pics to show tomorrow. :-)

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