Saturday, 10 September 2005

Parcel time

My girls got me up this morning just in time for the postie to arrive with 2 fab parcels.
First up was this Wendy Supreme cotton in variegated purples; I couldn't resist it when I saw it up for grabs on
eBay as I've been meaning to get some for a while.

Then there was my second parcel from my SP5 pal - Sandra in Croatia!
There was a veritable feast of goodies included. First, for me - 8 balls of fine cotton in a rich terracotta shade, 2 packs of snacks, a bar of Aloe Vera soap, a lavender bag, 2 apple fragrance candles, and a big box of Bajadera chocolates - yum!

And then there were even more goodies for my girls; a lovely knitted heart scarf, a little bag with cute buttons (and extra ones the same for me to use), a pack of coloured pencils, an animal storage tin, and finally 2 little tops for my baby nephew James. Thanks Sandra!

On the knitting front, I have good news and bad. First the good news - I finished the back of the Luxury Tweed textured cardigan. And the bad - it will probably end up as a little cushion cover as it's too small! I must have mis-counted my tension swatch as it's measuring 32" across the bust when it should be 39". Let me count to ten....

I discovered this last night, and after sleeping on it I decided to go up to 4.5mm needles (go up a size? Unheard of for me!) and this swatch seems to measure correctly after checking and re-checking. So I've started again. I could still be on this project in the New Year at this rate..


Annette said...

How disappointing, after all the work you put into it!And it was looking so good, too. At least you've got the courage to start over again.

francoise said...

Yes it is rotten when it happens and you're very brave to start again straight away. It will be worth it in the end. I love this pattern.