Friday, 22 July 2005

Just One Thing

Yep, I'm sticking to my HipKnits silk top project like a.. like a... (let's be decent here) ..lid to a new jar of jam. It is progressing quicker, but it also means you only get pics of knitted-up silk in Clover colourway (sigh). A knitter's life is a tough one. So here they are.

The finished back, with integrated in mid-body shaping and that lovely eyelet edging. Ignore the dodgy side shaping; it's not really like that. I seem to have a talent for pulling pieces into odd shapes when photographing them.

The front, nearly done (again without that peculiar-looking side & hem shaping!)

One sleeve; I knitted this before anything else as I wanted to try out the edging over a smaller piece. So now just one more sleeve to go, definately less boring than two!

To be honest, this could have been finished by now, but I've been feeling too poorly to do much - including knitting (eeek!). It's only a summer cold, but it's really draining me, so much so that I've been going to bed early. The first part of this week it had got into my eye ducts, meaning my eye was swollen, bloodshot, constantly streaming, and sludgy in the morning. Nice. Made me feel quite like
this. Real attractive.

On a good note, I was pondering over the next project - as you do after getting about halfway up the first piece of the current project. I thought the
blue Sandra top would be a good idea whilst it's still (supposedly) summer. But to my horror, after checking all my stash locations, I couldn't find the yarn! I had ordered it from the yarn shop in Germany, received it and showed it off, and then lost it!

I decided that either I was being told that I should not be buying any more yarn, or the household gremlins had felt wicked and hidden it. It must be the latter of course. I was right, as yesterday I found it! It was tucked down behind the air conditioning unit which DH had moved into our bedroom when the hot nights started. Definately gremlins. I'd better start knitting it before they get hold of it again.

It's still a close call about the next project though. I've worn my
Peachy Bolero so much that I've already created a Knitware pattern for another using this DK yarn from my stash (note the halo). Can I get a bolero & a summer top both finished within the next month?

Anyway I'm off to knit - it's the last school day before the summer holidays, which means no more quiet Thursday & Friday mornings for 6 weeks - aarrrggghhh!


littlelixie said...

I hate it when you lose knitting things. I have lost a pattern. So annoying!

Heather said...

The top looks good! I love that pink Morrocco yarn, it looks like it'll be fun to work with.

francoise said...

Your top looks really good. Not long to go now...
I love this pink dk yarn planned for the new bolero. Will you knit the same shape or create a different one with your Knitware program?

dawn said...

Sure you can knit those in the next month!
I'm meant to be working on a sock, but accidently (huh!) picked up my hipknits silk and ahve started a one skein wonder. really nice to work with, isn't it? I have the blackpool shade, very nice if a tad bright!