Thursday, 7 July 2005

Chugging along

I'd just like to say first, thanks for all your good wishes for my nephew. He's doing well, and went home today! Also my migraine is in it's final stages, so I'm feeling a lot better today; it's been a stinker this time!

It's a very pictoral post today; starting off my one of my favourite plants in my garden, the astrantia bush. These flowers are wicked; I love the unusual shape and the colouring. I may have to get one of the pink variety too. They're very easy to grow and take little looking after - that's my kind of plant. ;-)

Here (at last) is a quick shot of the rainbow & sky blue crochet poncho for my youngest daughter. I thought I'd better get one up now as it's nearly finished! I've made this one slightly smaller, and it feels like it's taking a lot less time than
the last one. That's probably not true; it's just that I want to start more projects!

This lovely little sample is of
Sarah Beth's handspun acrylic. She brought some round a couple of nights ago, and I have the priviledge of knitting it up and washing it to give it a test run, and then pass my comments back to her. Isn't it fab?! I adore the colours. I've never been a yarn tester before!

My peachy bolero is also nearly finished; just a little seaming and edging to go. Karen asked about the shaping leaning the "right" way; you can see from this photo compared to the back before I frogged it - look at the shaping on the left and hopefully you'll see a difference! This is achieved by decreasing using K2tog (knit 2 together) on the one side and k2togtbl (knit 2 together through back of loops) on the other side. Just don't ask me which is used for which side cuz I can't remember! You'll soon see when you try it.

So how do you like this little number? It's the clasp I bought from
ebay (of course!) to go on my peachy bolero - that's the idea anyway. I also found some fab ones at
Bead Addict which are lined up for a purchase soon I feel!

And here is Angel, looking very erm.. punk with all the safety pins holding the edging on. Yes, more seaming to do..

You know, the number of my WIPs is finally, really, going down..!

One last thought regarding events in London today: it never ceases to horrify and sadden me how much pain and suffering we so-called intelligent human beings cause each other.


scarletprincess said...

Hi there, glad you're feeling better. Your bolero will look lovely! I'm sure your youngest will love the poncho!
Get testing that yarn so we can buy some!

Iris said...

The bolero looks great and I LOVE Angel. Such a lovely colour! :)

beatknit said...

The poncho is adorable! Congrats on your nephew.

Karen said...

Thanks for the explanation - I can see the difference :)