Friday, 15 July 2005


Yes, it's stash enhancement time, courtesy of ebay again.

First we have a pack of Rowan Summer Tweed in Lilac. I've been intending to buy some of this for months, with the idea of making a duplicate of an old and much-loved sweater which finally disintegrated. It was a bought one in a similar yarn, which had a crocheted front and knitted sleeves and back. Quite plain, but very useful!
Only problem is, I've since spied
Dune in Rowan 33, and I love that too. Maybe I'll have to buy another pack!

Next up, 2 large packs of Jaeger Aqua, which will hopefully make for a good substitute for the Twilleys Cotton DK in Phoebe and Monika from the pattern book I've had for months.

Plus a new WIP! I had to start a top using my HipKnits silk in the Clover colourway. It was calling me day and night, and I simply couldn't wait any longer. ;-) It's quite a simple knit, created using my Knitware Sweaters program, with a lovely eyelet edging from Jane Crowfoot's book.

The last bit of news for today; we just ate a lovely dinner of oven-roasted breaded cod fillets with a potato and spinach salad made with the first crop of our own sugarsnaps, picked literally 5 minutes before being eaten. Deeee-licious!


littlelixie said...

Fab colours!

scarletprincess said...

Funny how I bought my summer tweed to do the same cardi in Rowan 33! Then got bored... as I do! The stash looks wonderful! Sorry I won't be coming to knitchat, uni work awaits *GROAN*!