Monday, 18 July 2005

Back to nature

I don't know what's come over me the last few days.
We're always proud of the fact that our young children are happy to eat a wide variety of good foods (ok so I'm blowing my own trumpet there!), and tend to opt for a pretty balanced diet most of the time.
But recently I've gone health mad, well, nutrition mad to be precise.
Our shelves are now stocked with brown rice, houmous, rye crispbreads, and I find myself making much wider use of seeds, beans, and natural flavourings like ginger.
I've swapped a lot (but not all!) of my coffee quota for herbal teas - and enjoying them! I want to munch on organic carrot & celery sticks dipped in houmous. :-o
Yesterday morning DH made us a bacon sandwich - usually a Sunday treat - but afterwards I felt really stodged up and not good.

I really don't understand it. Is it an age thing? Or maybe it's seasonal, like SAD?

More importantly, will it affect my knitting? I guess I have been opting for more wide ranging natural "ingredients" there too; I bought the House of Hemp yarn & the HipKnits silk, I've been eyeing up the bamboo & soy silk yarns for ages, & I'm determined to get hold of some fabulous alpaca for a yummy warm winter sweater this year.

Maybe it's my age..?


Tracy said...

Gosh that sounds very healthy, just be a little careful of too much too sometimes can make a person (how can I say this delicately) a little windy!

Jeni said...

Glad you like the silk! I am definately in the more natural camp with food and expecially fibre, I can't help it, I can't imagine spinning something with synthetic fibre, it seems to defeat the object!