Wednesday, 27 July 2005

The Angel Flies!

Yes, Angel is complete, at long last! Here she is, modelled by my eldest daughter (the recipient):

I'm really pleased with the final result, as is my daughter. The pattern (from the Pipsqueaks book) is easy to follow, and the Rowan Wool Cotton is gorgeous to work with - so buttery soft. We'll see how it stands up to life with a 6yo!

She also wanted to show off her new wellies - part of my huge order from the half pice sale at Next. Groovy huh?!

And WIPs? They're here too..

Clover Top - is still with the seaming team (I wish I had one of those). One sleeve is in (and fits beautifully) but gave me a headache to do; the silk yarn does not like being pulled hard and breaks very easily. I may revert to a different yarn for the rest of the seaming to save my sanity.

Cashsoft 4ply Scarf - is no longer. I swatched, noted, and frogged. It's still on my To-Do list, but will have to wait until the summer garments are finally out of the way.

Which leaves space for A New Project. :-) I've started the blue top on the cover of the June issue of Sandra magazine using the Presto yarn I bought from Wollywood in Germany. It's too early to photograph it, but the swatch looked lovely last night, and the yarn feels soft but kinda nice & crisp, a bit like the Linen Print . It's a cotton/acrylic/polyester mix, so practical rather than delicate this time.

BTW fingers crossed for not too bad a night weather-wise - it's forecast to be really torrential rain all night, so I'll have to check that there's nothing of great value at ground level in our garage tonight in case it floods.

Finally would you all please mentally send lots of good health wishes to my youngest daughter who yesterday had a hospital visit for oxygen, a nebuliser, and antibiotics, due to breathing problems caused by a chest infection. Hopefully it'll clear up within the next couple of days. No underlying asthma flare-up this time, but always too scary.


Annette said...

Sorry to hear Sarah had to go to hospital, I know you were worried that might happen. Hope she's feeling better now. Connie's jacket looks great, I can see she's pleased with it!

francoise said...

Hope your daughter is better. I know how you must feel as my daughter ended up twice in hospital with asthma attacks and it's very scary!
Love the Angel cardi, looks like it will be worn a lot!