Thursday, 28 July 2005

You're It!

Lixie tagged me! My first time. ;-) I have to write down 5 personal idiosyncrasies, so here goes:

1) The drainer in the kitchen has to be loaded up right; if it's done in a particular way you can fit loads on. If it's not done that way, it really irritates me, and I have to move things to their "right" place.

2) Loo roll has to be on the "right" way round, i.e with the end nearest you (same as
Knitty Kitty). I feel so compelled to do this that I find it really hard not to put it "right" everywhere else I go.

3) First hot drink of the morning has to be regular tea. Not coffee. Not any fruit or herbal teas. Regular teabag tea. After that, anything else is fine.

4) I have to check under my duvet and pillow for creepy crawlies before I get into bed. Even if DH is already in bed, I still have to check my side and as much of his side as I can get without turfing him out. I have actually found creepy crawlies in there twice in my years of doing this.

5) Clothes washing has to be left to dry in the best way so as not to have unnecessary creases in it. I'm the same with this whether it's on the clothes line or over the radiators. I really have to grit my teeth and not look at it if somebody else has done it for me and it's all wrinkled! Makes sense to me as I hate ironing.

OK, so who shall I tag? Let me see... Goldthorn Girl, Scarletprincess, Guernseygal, Float'n'Purl, and last up it has to be Woolywarbler. Ladies, you're it!

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scarletprincess said...

Hey I realise you tagged me but I havent been online. I shall try to think of some ;o)